Java is an object-oriented programming language. That is a popular fast, very secure, and reliable programming language. Java is a server-side scripting language. So, Tecoreng has to try to explore java, its features, and many reasons why most widely used java.

So, Let’s go on to tour java with Tecoreng. This time many companies use java to create web applications or software for the use of the business. James Gosling develops that. That is big data and server-side technologies.

What Is Java

The Java is a widely used and demanding programming language for coding web applications in the IT industry. So, That create modern website or applications. 

Java launched in 1995, but it is still the most popular and valuable programming language. Also, Java syntax and rules of same as C, and C++ programming languages. Additionally, Javas code executes from its JVM (Java Virtual Machine). 

Moreover, that provides facilities to have code change and modification of the code at runtime. So, it is beneficial for the Java developer so, If you need a Java Developer to build a fantastic application or website.

Brand Use a Java

There are 10,500+ company use Java in their company software use. Some brands we have disclosed below including Google.

Features Of Java

There are many features of java. All features are explain deeply by Tecoreng. So, Let’s go to read these features of java. 

Platform Independent

Platform independence means that it can be run on any operating system. Like MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc… it follows the rule “Write Once Run Anywhere” which means you have to write code only one time and you have to run many times with many different platforms. It is called a cross-platform.

Object  Oriented

It is an object-oriented programming language that makes it modular and organized. A method of organizing programs as a collection of objects, each of which is an instance of a class, is known as object-oriented programming. Moreover, In subsequent articles, we’ll learn more in-depth information about object-oriented concepts.

High Performance

Java uses a JIT (Just-In-Time) approach for compiling and executing code where execution and compilation are done at the same time making it very fast and powerful.

Open Source

Java is open-source and free. So, that means source code is freely available on google and you have to access and modify it.


Java supports Multi-threading. That means it can perform many tasks simultaneously. In multi-threading, many threads perform on one process.

How To Hire a Java Developer From Tecoreng

What Is Java

If you find the perfect Java Developer to build the next-level software. So, we have declared our simple process of hiring java developers which you like to follow and hire a developer and finally start work with Tecoreng. So Book Your Call Now.