Most popular backend framework

Web development is generally divided into two categories — Frontend Framework and backend development. A Backend developer is responsible for building the server side of a web application.

As the frontend part interacts with the user, the backend part is responsible for the inner working. A frontend may or may not work without a backend but to create a fully functional web application, it is necessary to have a proper backend connected with a frontend.

The role of a backend developer is different from a frontend developer. A frontend developer is more focused on how the application will appear while a backend developer is focused on servers, databases, and how both ends are connected and interacting with each other.

Tecoreng will try to make it simple or useful in detail via this blog. So,  The most popular backend frameworks for web app development are given below. So stick with us or enjoy more!

What Is Backend Framework

Backend frameworks are the libraries of server-side languages that aid in building the server configuration of any website. It is essential to use the right technology for developing websites or it can seriously affect your application usage.

These frameworks primarily focus on scripting languages like Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js, or compiled languages like Java, C#, etc. The best backend framework helps developers start better by reducing the need to create and configure everything from the beginning.

Every app’s speed and stability depend on the back-end which is why back-end development frameworks are just as important as Frontend. This set of most popular backend frameworks helps in aiding the creation of vital web platforms with intense technological complexity.

Why Use Backend Frameworks

A backend framework usually aims to automate the output associated with the Software Development functions. The primary benefits of using this framework for web development include:

  • Time-saving
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Scalability
  • Uniqueness

There is some popular reason why useful backend framework for Web App Development.

Best Backend Framework

Here are the most useful backend frameworks for different server-side programming languages.

  • Python – Django, Flask
  • JavaScript – Express.js, Spring
  • PHP – Laravel, CakePHP
  • Ruby – Ruby on Rails
  • Elixir – Phoenix
Most use backend framework in 2022

The graphical image showcases the evaluation of the most useful backend development frameworks and their growth. We will discuss the features and use cases of these top 5 backend  frameworks in this blog.

Most Popular Backend Frameworks

The best backend frameworks provide security, flexibility, high performance, and fast development of your website project. There are top 5 best popular frameworks are described below.

1. Django

Django is known to be one of the most popular backend frameworks of 2022. It is the best python backend framework and an open-source backend framework that is based on the Python programming language. They follow the pattern of a model view controller

most used backend framework django

It is one of the most suitable backend development frameworks for feature-rich database-driven websites and is also one of the easiest backend frameworks.

Companies That Use Django
2. Laravel

One of the most popular backend frameworks is Laravel. It is an open-source PHP web framework that develops web applications that are Symfony-based and also follows MVC architecture. Mostly considered the best backend for web app development framework. 

Most popular backend framework laravel

Laravel helps in easily creating various web apps with greater functionalities. This allows the developers to deploy other app management tools remotely!

It consists of several extensive and Best Rest API backend frameworks with an intuitive interface. It provides other database tools like ORM – object-relational mapper. Through this developers can create e-commerce websites, blogs, and news or other customer web apps using the most expressive syntax of PHP

Companies That Use Laravel
  • Pfizer
  • 9GAG
  • BBC
  • Padidos Ya
  • TourRadar
  • Sellsuki
3. Ruby Rails

Ruby-based server-side frameworks are another one of the most popular backend frameworks that have an MIT license. They are also an MVC framework that offers database framework list structures and other web services. It is the best web app development framework and also the best performance web framework. 

ruby rails server-side framework

Ruby on Rails also promotes the use of web apps like XML, JSON for data transfers, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for interacting. This backend is one of the best frameworks for web development that prioritizes the use of software engineering patterns. 

Companies That Use Ruby Rails
4. Express Js

Express.js, also known as Express and is one of the most popular backend frameworks – a standard Node.js. This web application framework is open-source software that is under the MIT license. It is popular for building web apps and APIs.

popular backend framework node.js

Express is a MEAN stack back-end component. It is the best backend framework that comes with the AngularJS frontend framework as well as NoSQL databases.

Companies That Use Express Js
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Twitter
  • Intuit
  • Accenture
  • Stack
5. CakePHP

CakePHP is a popular web app development framework introduced in 2005 for PHP development. Since its inception, it has progressed and is now termed as a contemporary web tool, allowing its developers to develop apps quickly. This makes it a preferable choice for developing both big and small web applications. It has no complex configuration to start and renders complete security.CakePHP utilizes some of the well-known engineering concepts and software designs, such as model-view-controller, convention over configuration, association data mapping, front controller, and active record. Its router facilitates multifaceted HTTP app routing, routing incoming requests to the exact controller. Reverse routing forms a relationship between links and routes, making sure that the links are generated with the correct and consistent resource locator.

CakePHP is a popular web app development framework
Companies That Use CakePHP
  • SeatGeek
  • Zumba
  • Fujitsu
  • Deloitte
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Both JavaScript and Python frameworks lead the market with exceptional features, fast development possibilities, and rich functionalities. Now that you know about the six best backend frameworks for web app development, choose the most compatible one for your web project. Ensure to select a framework that you can handle for at least five more years, remembering the future business development.