SEO friendly website

A website that is SEO-friendly will attract more visitors than those of your rivals. If you run a business online but don’t have SEO for this product, search engines won’t be able to find it. Tecoreng is a company that offers a best digital marketing services.

In today’s digital age, SEO is more important than ever. SEO increases organic traffic to your website. Additionally, SEO web design involves creating and developing websites that are optimized for search engines.

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Tips For Creating SEO friendly websites

There are some tips we have provided to you regarding the make an SEO-friendly website. So let’s get started!

SEO friendly website

Make Responsive Design

That is the most important topic of SEO. Every device has a different size and resolution. Like mobile, tablet, laptop, tv, etc…  So, that’s a reason we have to choose a responsive design to make a website.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design of all shapes and sizes of devices that can be fixed with Responsive. Additionally, Responsive web design makes a website faster, more accessible, and easy to navigate.

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Keywords are the most necessary today. Because google algorithms follow your content keywords, your targeted keyword must include your content or article. You have to choose keyword a relevant to the content.

Keyword research is the process of SEO. Long-tail keywords are usually low-competition keywords that are very targeted. 

To make your website more SEO-friendly, you must smartly use targeted keywords in your content.

URL Structure

The search engine also struggles with long URLs. So, you want to avoid long and complex URLs and make simple and user-friendly URLs.

For Example: – Wrong Structure – Right Structure

Header Tags

The header tag is the most important at starting paragraph. You have a written article then must include a heading and subheadings. Like H1, H2, H3, to H6. and make more SEO-friendly articles.

The main heading gives an H1 tag. And subheading on applying the H2 or H3 tag. While optimizing your headers, you must include the most relevant keyword in them organically.

Meta Description

In SERPs, a meta description is displayed (Search engine result page). When you conduct a search of any kind, a meta description appears beneath the display title on the results page.

Users can clearly understand what the web page has to offer thanks to this precise meta description. The user is aware that the page will contain a step-by-step guide for creating a gaming PC before even clicking the link.

Improve a Website Speed

That is the most important factor for SEO friendly website. If the page load time is 5 to 6 seconds it is a lot of time to consume the page load to your website. Maximum page loading time is 0 to 3 seconds.

So, Check your website speed using the speed checker tool and make a more SEO-friendly website.

Use Alt Attribute

Google can’t be identifying images. So, that’s why you have to provide an Alt tag or image description. 

So, provide a descriptive filename and alt attribute description for an image. And search engines easily understand the image.


Therefore, Google, or any other search engine, is at ease with websites that are SEO-friendly. since Google can easily understand websites that are optimized for search.  The best provider of digital services is Tecoreng. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. And Build Something new with the help of Tecoreng.

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