What Is React Native

What Is React Native it’s Main used for developing a mobile application. That launch by Meta. Tecoreng presents its benefits for native developers. 

React Native is a platform for building cross-platform apps. That is an open-source java Script framework. React Native is a more powerful platform for building apps on multiple platforms like Android, IOS, and also web applications. This programming framework developed by FaceBook in 2015.

The React Native framework is very popular with mobile app developers. This is a development framework that mobile app developers use to save time and rapidly build mobile apps.

So, React Native is a perfect cross-platform development framework in the software solution world. That app is a native app. React Native is an incredible and promising tool.

Moreover, read on to explore the power of React Native, find out where its limitations lie, and decide where it fits in a modern enterprise technology task. Tecoreng highlights its advantages for native developers.

What Is React Native?

React Native build mobile apps using only JavaScript. React Native is developed by Meta. It allows code implementation in OS-native languages (Swift and Objective-C for IOS, and Java and Kotlin for Android).

React Native is comfortable technology with project cost or budget. That still has truly native performance and user-experience flexibility.

Furthermore, like any other platform, it has all the pros and cons is should not used to execute every single project. But it’s not the choice of developers only. As native developers choose React Native as their core mobile development technology.

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So, ReactJS focused on designing mobile. That is a very popular framework for mobile app development. 

React Native Used Application

Benefits Of React Native For Mobile App Development

React Native provides a lot of benefits and makes an easy development of a mobile application for native developers. So, without wasting time let’s read about the benefits of React Native.

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Reduce The Time and Cost

React Native saves time in the development of an app. And most importantly save money. 

That framework reduces the cost of development. Because 95% or more of the code is cross-platform, meaning it is compatible with both Android and IOS. Moreover, maintenance and updates are done on both apps at the same time which saves on future costs once the apps are built and launched.


These benefits are amazing features of React Native. A developer can move the app to another framework in the future, a developer can export the app from React Native and move it to another platform. Like Android Studio or X code and continue from there. This flexibility is added to the react native benefits.

Great Performance 

React Native apps perform the same as a native app that built on only iOS or Android platforms. That is also fast. That is mainly using the central processing unit, React Native apps take advantage of the graphics processing unit. This is a too much faster than cross-platform hybrid technology.

Immediately View Changes

The developers change the view immediately they’ve made to the code in another live preview window simultaneously. This provides great advantages to developers due to the real-time feedback.

Increased Flexibility

The increased flexibility makes a easy for developers or teams. If someone is left the team, then this places hire for other developers and continues to develop the application. That also creates flexibility for the tester who creates a test scenario easier.

Publish Updates For Your App Faster

With React Native that process has streamlined. The all-over process is much simple and easier and too faster. As you create improvements and updates for your users, developers implement them through over-the-air updates, which are implemented even as users are using the app. Then, the next time the app is opened, the update is ready for the user. There is no longer a need to update the app through the app stores manually and have them approved by Apple or Android, which saves time and makes the process much more streamlined.

Augmenting an Existing App

React Native UI components into an existing app without rewriting the app. That can be a boon when you just want to augment an existing app without rewriting it. 

FAQ For React Native

Q: What Is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for mobile app development. That is Launch by Facebook (Meta).

Q: Is React Native good for mobile app Development?

 React Native is the best framework for mobile app development. That can reduce the code base by about 95%. So, the main benefits of the Reduced time and cost.